A Cloud/Crowd Data Network for Creative Cultivation

Our mission

TeleAgriCulture is a community platform, providing a crowd/cloud data exchange network to promote a more sustainable engagement with food, agriculture and ecology, through creative innovation, community engagement and scientific education

We call this  Tele-Agri-Culture! 

Our foundation lies in our bespoke weather sensing kits and peer to peer workshops that both foster and facilitate a wide range of project use cases across a global network of project partners. 


The TeleAgriCulture Platform is a community platform designed for any size project scenario, aimed at everyone from hobbyists and home gardeners, to farmers, creative technologists, artists, innovation experts and organisations.

 We facilitate access to open environmental data and data entry from discrete living systems and locations in our network, with the aim to encourage participation in food production, supply chains and communal ecological culture. Combining our range of products and services with artist/innovators in residence and our own projects, we aim to promote self-sufficiency and better empathy for our environments, through participation in food ecologies. 

Conceived in 2018, TeleAgriCulture have our current home base in Linz (AT). In our four years of operation we have exhibited and presented our projects multiple times including at Ars Electronica, V2_ Rotterdam, ArtSpace Sydney, Kunstuniversiät Linz, MIT Global Community Bio-Summit, Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, DimensionPlus Taipei, ISEA2022, Torn Space Gallery Buffalo, LUCA School of Art, Stadtwerkstatt, Coalesce Buffalo, Colgate University and Ars Electronica Festival University, SOTSEF Southampton and Linz FMR, along with numerous talks and workshops, including two Leonardo Laser Talks in early 2022.
In 2020 we won the Vienna Design Week Urban Food Design Challenge and the Ö1 Repairing the Future Award in 2021  we were selected for the Creative Europe MakersXChange Hyper Global Hyper Local Project in 2021. We have also been nominees for the S.T.A.R.T.S Prize and the Digital Communiteis Golden Nica in 2020. This year we also started the major project Island of the Day Before that is kindly supports by the Stadt_Linz Kliamfond. 
We are ALWAYS seeking new partners so feel free to get in touch!

IoT Sensing Kits

We design and develop robust IoT sensing kits that are adaptable for any environemtal sensing project, no matter how simple, complex or creative. We network these using mobile technologies with a focus on individual rights to privacy.

Our App

We develop and assist the development of applications that facilitate the uploading of data, tutorials, crowd/cloud contributions, data entry and viewing, including machine learning based troubleshooting and optimisation of individual agri-nodes. We also are developing our TeleAgriCulture App

Creative Cultivation & Art

We facilitate the development of art, design and novel creative projects for communicating gathered data and sourced/created information from the project, to better communicate ecologies and increase empathy in cultural settings.


We are developing a range of specific solutions, that optimise nutrients at a molecular/bacterial level, in order to build more robust organisms and ecosystems. We work from microbial to human scale to optimise nourishment and value.

Micro-Farming Kits

We design, develop and consult on a vast range of approaches that are suitable for any agricultural scenario, including in the home and in farms, rivers/waterways, gardens, oceans, rooftops and urban settings for all climates and environmental conditions


We do all this to reconfigure how we access and engage with ecology, agriculture and creativity for a more sustainable future together. Most importantly, we want to engage the public with ecological creativity and innovation , using food as our interface to do so.