A Cloud/Crowd Agricultural Data Network for Artists  

Our mission
TeleAgriCulture offers a community platform for artists, designers, agriculturalists & hobbyists, providing a crowd/cloud data exchange network for social information exchange.
We call this  Tele-Agri-Culture!

TeleAgriCulture offers a community platform for artists, designers, agriculturalists & hobbyists, providing a crowd/cloud data exchange network for information exchange, which we call tele-agriculture.

A range of modular kits are offered that incorporate aquaculture (fish farming), hydroponics (water-based agriculture) & traditional farming.  The kits are developed to adapt to a range of geographic locations & ecological conditions & are monitored by custom IoT sensing devices.

These provide real time sensory data from each kit/location, which can be used to optimise agricultural conditions & for artistic production & scientific inqury.


This allows for artists, scientists, flora, fauna and ecosystems to communicate in new, more symbiotic and empathatic ways, merging natural & data systems with social exchange networks, to facilitate art and design. The integration of machine learning further facilitates this bio-digitally convergent platform.

This project was conceived by Julian Stadon at the MIT Global Community Bio Summit 2018, first developed at Cultivamos Cultura, & is supported by V2_ Lab for Unstable Media & It is inspired by the recent explosion of agricultural technologies and methods, such as saline, vertical & other future farming innovations.

Micro-Farming Kits

We design and develop a range of micro-farming kits that integrate aquaponics for a range of scenarios, including in the home and in farms, rivers/waterways, gardens, oceans, rooftops and urban settings for all climates and environmental conditions

IoT Sensing Kits

We design and develop robust IoT sensing kits that are adaptable to the range of farming kits that are developed. We network these kits using mobile technologies and voluntary ‘handshakes’, out of respect for individual rights to privacy.

Novel Interfacing & Art

Through this platform, we facilitate the development of art, design and novel interfacing methods for communicating gathered data and sourced/created information from the project, in order to present in cultural settings.


We develop and assist the development of applications that facilitate the uploading of data, tutorials, crowd/cloud contributions, data entry and viewing, including machine learning based troubleshooting and optimisation of individual agri-nodes


To develop a range of eco-conditionally specific solutions, that optimise nutrients at a molecular/bacterial level, through machine learning, in order to build more robust organisms and ecosystems


We do all this to reconfigure how humans access and engage with ecology, agriculture and creativity for a more sustainable future together. TeleAgriCulture offers a platform for important global issues to be explored and addressed.


_Rhizomatic Bias

Julian Stadon, Erik Overmeire, Daniel Artamedni & V2_Lab

R&D Residency

Julian Stadon, Jan Jenny, Roland Van Dierendonck, Erik Overmeire, Marisa Garreffa

Our team

Julian Stadon

Bio-Digital Ecosystems

Erik Overmeire

Hardware Development

Boris Debackere


Jan Misker

Digital Ecosystems

Daneil Artamendi

Software Development