Julian Stadon: Director

is an Australian artist/designer/curator/researcher/educator. First studying Marine Biology, then Fine Arts and a Master of Electronic Art, his current PhD research focuses on how art can better our understandings of augmentation aesthetics, identity, & the relationship between bodies, embodied data and data bodies.

His nomadic practice-based research interfaces art, bio-digital entanglements, embodied interactivity, food ecologies, culture and society. He was the founder of Dorkbot Perth and marart.org and has worked in academia since 2006 is Programme Leader of Creative Computing @ Winchester School of Art. He also teaches on the Interface Cultures Programme @Kunstuniversität Linz 

Daniel Fischer

is an artist, technician and interface creator based in Linz, Austria. After his electronics education, he discovered his love for art and is currently studying his Masters at the Interface Cultures Programme at Kunsitunversität Linz. 

His artistic work is mainly concerned with physical visualizations of data and multilayered social processes., though for TeleAgriCulture and the Islands of the Day Before Project, Daniel has taken the role of technical lead. In particualr Daniel has singinifcantly developed our hardware ecosystem, reducing the cost of our boards by 1/5 of the previous version and also has adapted  our system for LoRaWAN anda wider range of network solutions.  https://daniel-fischer.at 

Margaretha Haughwout

is an interventionist artist whose work is also situated in the fields of eco-art and emerging media. Based in Central New York, she created and maintains the Food Forest Studio and organizes an annual scion exchange called Grafters X, for bioregional eco-artists and fruit tree enthusiasts to continue tactical food forestry toward abundant food forest futures. She received her MFA in Digital Art and New Media from the University of California Santa Cruz, and is currently Associate Professor of Emerging Media at Colgate University.

Margaretha is one of our first satellite partners and has been involved in several of our projects, along with being in our cultural and project advisory team. 



Andreas Benz

is an Austrian based software engineer from Würzburg Germany. Training as an electronics technician for energy and building technology Andreas gained his first experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript as a hobby.

After overwhelming feedback and a good dose of naivety, he decided to found his own startup and to further develop his skills and knowledge in the field of software development. Andreas currently works as a frontend developer for NimbusCloud. 

Andreas has been working on the front end for both our applications and our Websites and one day his lemon tree will succeed! 

Julian Chollet

Julian Chollet is a researcher/teacher/writer/etc. with a background in molecular biology. He is mainly interested in microbes and the role they play within terrestrial ecosystems. As a member of the Global Hackteria Network (https://hackteria.org) and founder of the non-profit association mikroBIOMIK Society (https://mikrobiomik.org/en) he promotes and engages in an open and participatory culture in the natural sciences and beyond.

Julian acts as a scientific advisor and is conducting a 3 year study on microbial soil regeneration within the scope of the Islands of the Day Before project. He also has a really nice microscope. 

Nick Briz

is an internationally recognized new-media artist, educator and organizer. His work investigates the promises and perils of living in an increasingly digital and networked world. He’s co-founder of netizen.org a nonprofit focused on digital literacy and digital culture, he’s Associate Professor Adjunct at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Lecturer at the University of Chicago, and a freelance Creative Technologist. 

Nick is also a founder of the glitch art movement and brings his post-digital criticality to our data interfacing projects and project thinking. 

Marisa Garreffa 

is a writer and performance artist from Australia, currently based in Florence. Her work explores the intersection between live performance practice, trauma recovery, and telling our stories as an act of recovery, resistance, and power.

Marisa offers our communications and project strategies a unique non-digitally oriented perspective, grounding us in concrete human situations and environments. She’s pretty good at photography too.  


Jan Misker

Jan loves to work on interdisciplinary projects, on the cross-section of art, technology and society. He learned a lot about this as project manager at V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam, NL (2006 – 2020). Prior to this he worked as a PhD researcher at Delft University of Technology, NL and at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA.

Jan has been with us since we started and works on our backend server ecosystems, our application features and also in our technical advisory team. He’s also a certified yoga instructor.  


Erik Overmeire

is a creative coder/artist based in Rotterdam (NL) where in 2010 he graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academie. Erik works at the intersection of art, science, design and technology to facilitate artistic expression for biological entities.

Erik regularly collaborates on the production of artworks or exhibitions by artists such as Geert Mul, Kasia Molga, Ricardo O’Nascimento and Alicia Framis. 

Erik pioneered our hardware systems, has worked also on several of our projects and has also often saved our asses, across some crappy time zones with his troubleshooting!  www.lifthoofd.nl

Christoph Döberl 

is a passionate software engineer, innovation expert and founder of zynd.at who loves to find innovative solutions for digital transformation that create sustainable value. He also a stickler for details and ensuring the best solutions are used for the right problems. 

Christoph joins our technical advisory team and is currently working on data driven storytelling applications and network solutions for our individual use cases.  bits.doeberl.at 

Boris Debackere

is a media artist with his main interest being the possible integration of different expression forms, with an emphasis on electronic sound and image. Most of his recent work and research is concentrated on translating and transforming the cinema concept into other forms like Live Cinema performances and audiovisual installations. His work includes ‘vortices’ and ‘probe’ reactive installations dealing with the relationship between the viewer and the screen. Boris teaches at LUCA School of Art in Brussels and is Lab Manager at V2_ Rotterdam.

Boris has been with us since we started and works on our cultural + project development advisory teams.  He is also our unofficial fancy food and wine expert.  

Daniel Artamendi

Daniel Artamendi is a computer engineer, artist and curator.  

His ongoing arts based research is centered in articulating tensions between labor and digital technology. His works cover different topics such the authorship in artificial intelligence age, robot rights or the consequences of fully automated work environments. 

Daniel is on our technical advisory and projects teams since we started and has worked on everything from machine learning and text to speech chatbots, to designing our original PCB boards and their laser cut cases.