Der Garten Danach @ Hollerbererhof 2021

The garden after is the garden before. In the garden… format together with architect and urbanist Christoph Wiesmayr (Schwemmland), this time we are dedicating ourselves to topics such as soil memory and environmental history. What does the soil of a city store, what is lost through sealing, what is preserved? Which data can be collected, which conclusions can be drawn and which stories can be (re)told?

Which garden is the garden after the garden? Can we even imagine wildness anymore? On the one hand, the garden for afterwards offers environmental historians who deal with the aftermath in the soil, cultural scientists* who investigate the becoming (in) of nature, and on the other hand practical exercises such as a test lying (for afterwards) in the earth, treading grass, a look into the personal afterwards and much more.

For this event at the site where we did both our 2021 experimental aquaponics system to optimise waste for biofertilization, and our experimental garden where we researched Milpa and Permaculture systems, rare crops and also our Big Chilli Project (where we grew 50 different varieties of chillies to then make 50 different chilli products) we presented this for the event, along with a short overview of our TeleAgriCulture platform and how aquaponics works for DORF.TV Linz. DORF.TV Video