Microbiomic Synthesizer 2022/2023

Originally developed as part of the Coalesce Feel Your Fermented Biome residency to operate with different wave formatted, vibrational biofeedback sensors, this work evolved through 2022 from a comparative somnification of indecipherable geneline sequences of two human microbiomes, to a means by which to play with difference and repetition within human and non-human microbiome samples, including from different soils /different locations, durational samples of my own microbiome (6 weeks and 6 months apart) and expand further to incorporate machine learning based predictive growth and fluctuations in populations of bacterial genera, and finally to also input and juxtapose weather data from the sample times, dates and locations. 

This still evolving project serves as a speculative critique of the rather vague, abstract nature of microbiomic analysis and is an example of simplification of entirely dense, complex data sets, as a means through which one can create an aesthetic discourse, or at least attempt to articulate something to that effect. It at least sounds very nice.