Back to Lisbon

It was time to make a trip back to Lisbon for supplies, and to fetch Erik. Little did we know that the costs for the car, petrol, and toll booths would be quite high, but it was well worth it to buy a salinity tester and new pump with more power for the kits. We bought all the chemicals we need for the water testing, which was a lot more expensive then we expected because we had to buy a pre-done kit as there weren’t any scientific supplies available.

We had a catch up with Luis about our progress while we were there, and then it was time to collect Erik. It was finally our first chance to have a face to face meeting of the core team, and experience Erik’s booming loud voice, live for the first time! Erik is here to work with Julian on developing the sensor kits and getting them to work online. We want to find the right balance between rapid prototyping and building something stable. Then he’ll build the database and look at building a framework we can use to export that data into some live audio and visualisation tools.