Collaborative Microbe-Macro Explorations into Past, Present and Future Fluvial Food Networks and Ecologies

ISLANDS OF THE DAY BEFORE is a project that has its origins along the fluvial systems of the City of Linz, but is networked globally through the TeleAgriCulture platform, across a growing number of nodes, projects and participants. It explores historical engagements with microbe-macro food ecologies and agricultural production in modern contexts

The title of this project is appropriated from Umberto Eco's The Island of the Day Before (1994), a novel about how subjective histories can shape our journeys in life. The Island of the Day Before uses urban farming innovation, gastronomy and microbial science as a way to interface the public with local fluvial ecologies, in reference to their previous historical entanglements. The project brings together several different approaches, using traditional and modern methods to address Post-Anthropocene ecosystem recovery and health, through promoting emp athy and agency within these systems. This approach aims to examine what we can learn through revisiting historical, pre-industrial approaches and engagements with agriculture and ecology.

In a wide sprawling approach that intersects Augmentation and Ecological Aesthetics, Art and Science practice, digital networks and communities, along with publicly engaged actions such as workshops, exhibitions and public dinners, this project aims to create new public engage ments and empathy through creating subjective agency and discusses through a publicly oriented approach.


Aquaponics for Food and Soil Regeneration

Fungal/Bacterial Bioreactors for Soil Health

Community Building, Storytelling & Histories

Creative Innovation Workshops and Projects

Fermentation & Microbial Meals

Past, Present & Future Fluvial Agricultures

Ecological Data Sensing Network

Microbial Analysis & Monitoring

Microbiological and Ecological Scientific Research

Post-Anthropocene Soil Regeneration

Carbon Positive Energy Consumption

Online Web & App Platforms & Project Archive



Map data ©2023 Google, INEGI
Map data ©2023 Google, INEGI


Julian Stadon

Daniel Fischer

Margaretha Haughwout

Julian Chollet

Nick Briz

Marisa Garreffa

Jan Misker

Christoph Döberl

Boris Debackere

Daniel Artamendi

Christoph Wiesmayer

Christoph Edner